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Choosing a Baby Monitor


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Many parents are afraid of staying their children along in a room. Of course, it's easy when we can hear our child. That is why baby monitors are so popular.

Baby monitor idea is to have possibility to monitor your baby when you aren't near.

Baby monitor types

Baby monitor is two radio stations one of which is left with child and another with parents. Thus parents can hear their children.

BabyMonitor is a program for Windows Mobile that transforms cell phone to a baby monitor. This program are installed only to phone which is left with child. When selected sound level is exceeded BabyMonitor calls to a specified phone number.

Criteria of baby monitor choosing

What is the main parameters of baby monitor to pay attention to?

The main baby monitor parameters are:

  • Radius of action - take into consideration that specified by manufacture radius of action is actual only for "ideal world" without walls and electrical devices

  • Quality of signal - sound must be clear

  • Possibility of sensitivity and volume customization

  • Size - important if you are going to travel with your children

  • Low battery indicator - it's helpful in reminding you to recharge the batteries

  • Sound activated lights - it's helpful when you're doing something that prevents you from actually hearing your baby's cries

Baby monitor comparison

Table. Baby monitor comparison


Baby Monitor


Radius of action


limited by walls and electrical devices


unlimited while cell phone is available

Quality of signal


depends on radio noise and distance



Possibility of sensitivity and volume customization


depends on model





two radio stations and a charger


phone is always with you

Low battery indicator


depend on model


Sound activated lights


depend on model





Baby monitor advantages and disadvantages

Baby monitor is a special device that is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time because we often haven't it with ourselves when we need it.

Baby monitors are high dependent on radio noise and distance.

BabyMonitor advantages and disadvantages

BabyMonitor is a program that requires Windows Mobile based phone and availability of another cell or standard land line phone but this isn't already a problem.

The last important criterion is a price. BabyMonitor leads here in times.

Now you have information and can make a choice.

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