Baby monitor and burglar alarm for Pocket PC


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Burglar alarm for Pocket PC



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BabyMonitor system requirements

Pocket PC Platforms: Windows Mobile 5.0 and later
Smartphone Platforms: Windows Mobile 5.0 and later

BabyMonitor User Interface

BabyMonitor user interface is quite simple. There are only three main controls:

  • Radio group "Critical sound level" in the left to choose sound level when BabyMonitor must call

  • Edit box "Phone number" in the central part to enter phone number

  • Button "Run" to start

Microphone sensitivity tuning

Microphone sensitivity of some smartphones can be tuned up (for example, Samsung i900 Omnia).

So if signal is poor you can gain it manually.


Sound will be turned off when BabyMonitor starts! To avoid missing calls enable call forwarding!

Advanced settings

This is advanced settings to optimize BabyMonitor for your conditions.

Attention! Default settings are already optimized and ready to use!

BabyMonitor Settings

  • Period of sound averaging is a time period of sound averaging

  • Sensitivity reduction factor. If sensitivity of microphone is too high you can reduce it by this parameter.

  • Noise is a signal less then... This parameter defines noise by its duration. Such noises as knocks or clicks are about 100 ms but child cry is about 300 ms. So if this parameter is equal to 100 ms BabyMonitor doesn't take under consideration knocks or clicks

Evaluation version of BabyMonitor can be downloaded here








What's new Press room

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