Baby monitor and burglar alarm for Pocket PC


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Burglar alarm for Pocket PC

BabyMonitor - baby monitor for your cell phone


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Pavel Ananyev has released BabyMonitor v. 1.0, a Windows Mobile based software package that transforms your cell phone to a baby monitor

Everybody who has a child knows about baby monitors but only few of us know that mobile baby monitors exist. Letís discuss this new device.
If you want to transform your cell phone to a baby monitor you need only setup a program BabyMonitor and place your phone in a room where your child is sleeping. When he wakes up BabyMonitor calls to a number of your choice. This number can be as cell as standard land line number.
The main BabyMonitor benefits are unlimited radius of action and insensibility of radio noise made by radio phones and other electrical devices number of which are growing constantly. And of course we should mark mobility of such device because phone is always with us and this means it will protect our baby sleep every time and everywhere.



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